Do you need large quantities of items for our supply chain?

Perhaps you want to customise one of our products to suit your needs? Do you want to pick a custom colour or add your brand? Then we can help, our team of experts are on hand to help you with your bespoke project, get in touch today and let us guide you through the process.

We offer full customisation and bulk ordering on any of our products – plastic pallets, plastic pallet boxes, pallet crates, Polycrates, plastic containers and crates. Although some bespoke products and personalisation work may require minimum quantities.

    Bulk and Large Orders

    We are not called Experts without reason. We can handle any size of bulk order on almost any of our products quickly and efficiently. Our aim is to get the right product for you and your business that helps you improve your operation, save costs or fix a particular need or issue you may have.

    So no matter how big or small your enquiry may be – please get in touch and talk to us and let us help you to get the right solution for you.

    Bespoke Sizes

    Sometimes you need an exact size, a size for a specific product that may be much larger, smaller of just different to what is available as standard in our range and in the marketplace. Pallets, containers, crates and other products can be made to size.

    If this is the case, then we are the ones that can help you. Pallets can be made to bespoke sizes, but we can also provide this service for crates, containers and many of our other products. This service does often come with minimum order quantities, to find out if we can help with your project, get in touch!.


    Adding your logo to one of our items can ensure brand awareness and reduce the potential loss of equipment within your supply chain because they are easily identifiable.

    We can add your logo as a vinyl, with paint or even have it embossed on the product. The range of branding can include colours and tracking. We can also simply add ID colour blocks to our range of products to help improve picking efficiency.

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    Custom Colours

    Similar to branding, custom colours can help reduce the loss of items within the distribution network or supply chain. A uniquely coloured pallet will stand out against the normal black or grey crown ad will therefore be easily seen in a wrong location. They will also be easily identifiable for various other applications within a network.

    The use of different colours can also improve picking and loading efficiency. Minimum order quantities are usually required when purchasing an item in a custom colour. This service can be applied to most of our range, let us know how we can help you today!

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    RFID and Barcode Tagging

    Would you like to know where your pallets are when they are in use in your distribution network? Would you like to be able to track how many you have in a certain location? Would you like to know of any have gone missing?

    If so, then perhaps an RFID Tag system or a Barcode system could be the perfect solution! Barcode labels are attached to every pallet and with RFID they have electronic tags included within the label as well. RFID tags can be read from a distance using an RFID scanner so if access and space is an issue then they are an excellent choice over raditional barcode that need direct visibility to scan them and read the labels. With RFID multiple pallets can be scanned at the same time and from a safe distance.

    We can support with the software needed to make the RFID tags or barcodes trackable and traceable and integrate with your Warehouse Management System – WMS. Pallets are expensive and can last a long time so it makes sense not to lose any.