Plastic pallet boxes allow for the easy movement and shipping of goods,

Allowing you to securely transfer products to where they need to be. We stock a range of plastic pallet boxes in various designs to suit your business needs. Rigid pallet boxes and ventilated pallet boxes are ideal for the food and pharmaceutical industries as they have a greater storage capacity and can be stacked safely. The sturdy collapsible pallet boxes can be folded when empty to save on storage space. Our plastic pallets are versatile in their design and can be used by many different businesses in a variety of industries.

Types of Pallet Boxes and Crates

We have several types of pallet boxes and crates that each have a different set of features, construction and of course use:

Collapsible Pallet Boxes

Brilliantly designed collapsible pallet boxes from Exporta promise the sturdiness of a normal plastic pallet box but with the added flexibility of collapsible sides. The folding plastic pallet box design allows the sides to drop down to ensure easy access to the contents within. The collapsible pallet boxes are suitable for many different industries that transfer or ship products that need to be unloaded quickly, such as retail or food industries. On a return journey, the Exporta folding plastic pallet boxes have a significant impact on reducing the transportation costs due to their collapsible sides and ability to store many pallets together.

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Rigid Pallet Boxes

Rigid pallet boxes, or Dolav boxes, are sturdy and perfectly designed to store build materials. Exporta Global offers our customers a huge load bearing capacity with the rigid pallet box style. The Exporta rigid pallet boxes are made from HDPE plastic and can hold up to 750kg even on a rack, proving their sturdiness and reliability.

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Ventilated Pallet Boxes

Our industrial ventilated pallet boxes are designed for the efficient transportation and storage of fresh produce. With their perforated design, our superior strength ventilated pallet boxes provide the airflow necessary to keep food items fresh during transit and are easy to stack, even when loaded to full capacity.

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Our foldable Polycrates or pallet boxes guarantee and economic and safe transportation as well as space saving storage and return transport. They can be folded and placed in the container for the return and storage of empty boxes. The lids and pallets are then stacked separately. The main features are: Maximum volume reduction, Easy Handling, moisture protection, weatherproof, durable with a long service life.

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Wooden Flexi-Crates

These are crates that are made up as a kit from our wooden pallet collars, pallets and lids to form a flexible wooden crate. They can be from one to several collars high and are easily disassembled for return transport or storage when not in use. They are very robust and strong plus they come with certification to ensure they are ISPM15 compliant for export purposes.

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Plastic Flexi-Crates

These are the same solution as our Wooden Flexi-crates but are made from a sturdy plastic. Whilst not as strong as the wooden version they are much lighter and still as versatile.

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