Euro containers are the European standard size set of storage containers.

Eurocontainers are a versatile storage box, sometimes called Euroboxes, Euro crates or Euro bins. They are used for storage and product movement including goods-in, through manufacturing and storage, right through to dispatch. Euro Containers are standard in dimensions meaning they are ideal for automated manufacturing systems or for product handling. The combinations of sizes and boxes are designed to fit and interlock perfectly together and stack at optimum dimensions for Euro Pallets (1200x800mm).

    More about Euro Containers and Crates

    We three different types of euro containers and also two types Euro crates and each have different features and uses plus a set of enhancing accessories:

    Stacking Euro Containers

    Euro stacking containers, or stackable euro containers, are a type of versatile storage tray made of plastic that are also available with lids. These industrial storage boxes come in a variety of sizes, ranging from the small 20-litre variety up to huge 172-litre versions and more. The addition of euro container lids means they can be secured and covered. Eurocontainers also stack on top of each other making them easy to store and transport.

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    Euro Containers with Lids

    Euro containers with lids are a secure way of storing and moving your goods. These large plastic boxes with hinged lids allow you to open and shut your Euro containers and gain access to any products inside. Plastic Pallet Expert containers with lids can also be fitted with tamper evident seals or alternatively these storage boxes with lids can also be locked to ensure your goods are always safe and protected. When using our Euro containers with lids you can stack each of these containers, creating a space saving solution for your workplace. In stacking your Euro containers, you can easily fit more products within your warehouse or transportation to maximise the efficiency of your business.

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    Euro Sized Picking Bins

    Euro Picking Bins are designed to conform to the European standard sizes and fits well together on shelving or stacked alone. They can easily be transported on pallets or using Euro Container Dollys. They are strong and robust and a much better solution for picking than cardboard boxes and can improve picking and replenishment efficiency saving time and money.

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    Euro Crates

    We stock a vast range of Eurocrates in a variety of shapes and sizes. Designed as the container of choice for moving almost any product in several different industries, often ventilated, Euro crates are great for holding fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables. Eurocrates are particularly popular due to their easy-clean and hygienic properties. Not only are they durable and long-lasting, they also conform to standard euro regulations meaning that euro crates fit the euro footprint sizes of 400x300mm and 600x400mm.

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    Folding Euro Crates

    These Folding crates are well used through light industry and within the food sectors. They provide an excellent method of moving product and parts around. Their collapsible quality means that these plastic crates take up less space on a return journey. As they come in the standard euro footprint sizes of 400x300mm and 600x400mm they are compatible with other Euro crates, Euro containers and fit perfectly on Euro sized (1200x800mm) pallets.

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