American – GMA – US Pallet – 48×40 Inches Closed Deck

Nestable pallets are predominantly used for one way applications where wood will not suffice. These pallets are designed to be have a high strength to weight ratio to reduce your transport costs and ensure safe and reliable transport of your goods. Nestable pallets have a superb space efficiency for storage. Our plastic pallets are made from 100% recycled high quality plastic and are 100% recyclable for improved carbon footprint. Immune from customs restrictions due to ISPM-15 regulations, these pallets are the sensible choice for export peace of mind.

Light weight but with excellent strength one way or distribution pallet
Nestable – great space saving ratio
Easy to wash and clean
Convenient stretch wrapping anchor feature for secure wrapping of goods
100% recyclable
Safe handling – no splinters!
Export freight of value goods
One-time transit
Pharma, foods, cosmetics – no contaminants
Load Capacities based on uniformly distributed loads (UDL)

  • Size:USA Imperial/ GMA Sized Pallets 48x40in
  • Height (mm):
  • Deck Type:Closed Deck
  • Base type:Nestable
  • Static Load:1500
  • Dynamic Load:750
  • Racking Load:
  • Material:Recycled