Plastic Pallet Experts are fully focussed on providing our customers with the most sustainable options in plastic products for distribution.

We see sustainability in three distinct areas:

  • 1The sourcing of our products
  • 2The operation of the business
  • 3The end of life disposal of our products


    Product Sourcing

    We source our products responsibly and the vast majority of plastic pallets that we sell are made from recycled plastic. Recent analysis of orders showed that 98% of our pallets were made from recycled material. This means that these pallets are made from plastic waste which has a positive impact on the environment. The production of plastic recycled pallets uses plastic waste and turns it into new products which stops pollution.

    All our plastic pallets are fully recyclable at the end of their usable life even if already made from recycled material. Most containers and crates are made from virgin (new) plastic but again all are recyclable at the end of life.

    Operating the Business

    We operate the business in an environmentally conscious manner. We have ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation as well as winning a Green Apple award for our environmental actions. We have installed solar panels to offset our carbon footprint and always operate on the most energy efficient ways possible.

    End of Product Life

    As a business we have implemented a free plastic recycling scheme for our customers to be able to recycle their old plastic pallets and other plastic equipment at the end of their usable life. The scheme is operated in partnership with a Plastic Recycling company and it is operated at no charge to our customers and potential customers.

    The process is simple, if our customer has an amount of plastic that required disposal, they contact us. We pass on the details to our partner who arranges collection of the items and then they are taken away to be ground down into pellets and later recycled into new plastic products.

    Collections of full loads are collected quickly but less than full loads would have to wait until either the vehicle is in the area of a full load is available to collect.

    Plastic Recycling Scheme

    Plastic waste is a big issue in the world and we at Plastic Pallet Experts know that being an Environmentally Friendly supplier is key to trading and it is morally in line with our company values.98% of all the plastic pallets we sell are made from recycled material. In addition, all our plastic products are 100% recyclable and so we have gone that extra step now in offering a FREE collection and recycling scheme for end of life plastic products to all our customers.

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